WHAM Lab and Center for Hazard Mitigation and Community Resilience Welcome TGI Visitors

On Feb. 16, 2023, Drs. Vasit Sagan and Michael O’Tool from the Taylor Geospatial Institute (TGI) visited the Sinquefield Missouri Tornado Simulator Twins hosted by the WHAM Lab and Center for Hazard Mitigation and Community Resilience. Dr. Sagan is the Acting Director of TGI. Dr. O’Tool is the Program Manager of Consortium Engagement. Missouri S&T is one of the TGI Consortium. WHAM Lab and Center for Hazard Mitigation and Community Resilience looks forward to contribute to the vision and mission of TGI from the perspective of hazard mitigation and community resilience under the changing climate.

In the afternoon, Dr. Vasit Sagan gave a seminar at the university level about his world-class research.  

Title: Geospatial Science: the crystal ball for understanding our world

Abstract: Dr. Vasit Sagan, Acting Director of the Taylor Geospatial Institute, will talk about how geospatial science has revolutionized his research with real-world examples applied to food security and agricultural monitoring. The second half of the talk will highlight the Taylor Geospatial Institute and new initiatives that directly benefit Missouri S&T faculty and students. Dr. Sagan will give an overview of the Institute and its resources, discuss the ways that S&T faculty and researchers can get involved, and provide info on funding and collaborative research opportunities.

In this seminar, he also shared the exciting initiatives TGI has been conducting to fulfill the vision of mission of TGI, as well as the funding opportunities and collaborations provided by the TGI. If you want to know more about TGI research funding opportunities in both STEM and Non-STEM fields, such as Faculty Fellowships, Postdoctoral Fellowships, Planet Fellowships, Research Scientist Fellowships, Taylor Diversity Scholarships and Visiting Scientist Fellowships, please visit (https://taylorgeospatial.org/funding-opportunities/).